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Mechanical properties of fibre are strongly influenced by many factors, especially chemical composition and internal fibre structure. The most efficient cellulose fibres are those with high cellulose content and a low microfibril angle in the range of 7°–12° to the fiber axis.


Reinforcement is provided by lignin, which is a light brown amorphous “cement” that fills up the gaps between the long thin polysaccharide fibres in the cell walls and binds them together. The role of lignin in cementing the plant fibres together can be compared to resin strengthening fibreglass or carbon fibre composites.

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Energy Storage

Revolutionary electrode research for energy storage and recovery

With superior, unique combinations of mechanical, thermal, conductive, optical and biological properties, these materials constitute the future for many industries and will impact how we live our lives.

Carbon Valley is producing scalable processes for producing these substances sustainably, and looking for partners to test samples of our products.